We recall a day back in January of 2009; a normal party at what we refer to as “The Chapel”. If you have never been to “The Chapel,” let me tell you what it is about. It is a home full of love, energy, great vibes, caring and sharing people. On this day, we were making jokes and having a great time.

The best joke of the night was when we said we would start a band for Atlanta Caribbean Carnival. Little did we know that this joke would become our destiny that same year and for many years to come! We call this destiny INFERNO, the “Happiest Band Alive!

The REBIRTH OF INFERNO is a pledge to our masqueraders to provide a new & improved band with VISION, MISSION, and PURPOSE!

Inferno represents high energy and togetherness year round! We are made up of people from many Caribbean countries, the United States and other countries worldwide. Known for our intense energy on the road, Inferno took Atlanta by storm in 2009 and doubled in number in 2010 and our following continues to grow exponentially. Not just by participating in Atlanta Caribbean Carnival, but creating additional culturally entertaining events throughout the year.